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New Beginnings Youth and Adult Services, Inc. (NBYAS, Inc.) is a non-profit

501(c)(3) organization with a mission to provide resources, services and supports

to children and families in need.

We collaborate regularly with Dauphin County

agencies such as: Dauphin County Children and Youth, Drug and Alcohol, Human

Services, Juvenile and Adult Probation, local churches, businesses and local school

districts to offer assistance to eligible residents of Dauphin County by providing

personalized support, family coaching, mentoring, and outreach services.

Established in 2006, New Beginnings Youth and Adult Services, Inc. was

developed out of the strength–based practices and principles of Family Group

Conferencing and Systems of Care. These strength–based practices, along with

faith-based and community-based groups, are used to empower families so that

they can develop their own unique expertise and resources. Our goal at NBYAS,

Inc. is to effectively mobilize the strength and resources present in the individuals,

families, organizations, and systems of care in our community to improve the

health and safety of our youth and families.

In March of 2017, New Beginnings Youth & Adult Services Inc. reconstructed the

Board of Directors. In doing so, the organization has continued to have a positive

impact on the communities served as a 501(c)(3) organization. The Board of

Directors has a central role in this important work. A primary responsibility of the

Board of Directors is to participate in the development of policy and major

decision-making at board meetings held at least once a month.

As a result of the efforts of the Board of Directors, New Beginning Youth & Adult

Services Inc. is recognized as an effective provider of support to neighbors in need

by having a real impact within the community.

Our Mission Statement: To create a synergy of services, supports, and resources

for families and children in need by utilizing the voices, collective strengths,

resources, and expertise of the people by the people in their own communities.

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